CLE: Avoiding Burnout and Supporting Practitioner Success – A Roundtable for Immigration Attorneys who practice in Immigration Court


Moderators: Alison Griffith (Aust Smiechen, P.A.) and Alison Olson Cox (Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid)

Presenters: Linus Chan (University of Minnesota), Kerry McGuire (Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota), and Esteban Rivera (Rivera Law Firm)

This CLE will feature Immigration Court practitioners sharing insights on handling a court-focused caseload in a sustainable manner, including by addressing how they manage their workload and fees/funding realities, how they find community to support them, how they set healthy boundaries, how they advise clients, how they deal with the vagaries of court practice, and how they maintain a sustainable outlook towards their practice.   MN Ethics CLE credit has been requested.

Event Date/Time

Thursday, June, 08 2023, 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Event Location